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State Trooper and K-9 Visit Animal Science Classes

K9 Visit 2020 Students in Mrs. Daley’s animal science classes were visited by a New York State Trooper and his K-9 partner on Sept. 14 for a special lesson on animal careers in law enforcement. 

Tpr. Kevin Conners spoke about his experiences with Schini, a six-year-old female bloodhound, who specializes in man-trailing, and search and rescue operations. Tpr. Conners and Schini demonstrated specific techniques they use in law enforcement while discussing training and career paths with students.

Tpr. Conners also discussed the dynamics between dogs and handlers, and showed students some of the gear they use including collars, harnesses and bulletproof vests. Through the classroom visit and demonstrations, students were able to see how a working dog’s demeanor changes from relaxed to hyper-focused when they know they need to work. 

The visit was a great opportunity for students to learn about working dogs, dog training, specific dog breed traits and potential careers in law enforcement. 

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