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NYPA Career Academy, Drone Cadets Visit P-TECH

P-TECH PRIDE represents P-TECH OHM's core principles of Partnership, Respect, Innovation, Diversity and Excellence. For one day each month, the program steps away from regularly scheduled classes to provide programming focused on these core principles.

In May, P-TECH students focused on innovation. The New York Power Authority Career Academy, featuring the Drone Cadets, came to visit the P-TECH sophomores again. This time, they learned about flying drones at night, discussed the special certification required and why pilots need to learn certain skills, and also learned about programming drones for drone shows. They watched videos of what drone shows look like and practiced programming their own drones with tablets. Practicing these skills is an excellent way to supplement what the students have already learned about flying drones from the Drone Cadets. Our students will be prepared with the knowledge and skills necessary to begin learning about flying drones commercially or even just to fly for fun. Thank you, Drone Cadets!

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