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On Point for College

On Point for College helps traditional and non-traditional students overcome the barriers to higher education. We support our students from application through graduation and beyond, empowering them to fulfill their dreams and achieve their potential, benefiting both the individual and our community.

On Point for College offers a full suite of college access and success support programs. We help any student with a higher education goal – be it a two or four-year college degree program, a graduate or professional degree program, a certificate, or another type of professional training. We work with our students at every step along the way, from application through admission, graduation, and beyond. We also work with students who’ve already embarked on their educational journeys, but need a little help, as well as those whose educations were interrupted but who are looking to get started again. Lastly, our Career Services program is available to students enrolled in On Point for College Syracuse as a way to help them transition from school into careers that build upon their skills and educations.

Services provided by On Point for College include:

  • Access – helping students to enroll in college, certificate programs, apprenticeship programs and trades, apply for financial aid, and prepare to begin college providing a laptop computer, school supplies and more.
  • Success – helping students to stay in college, including providing support with transferring colleges and accessing on and off campus resources;
  • Career Services – helping students and graduates prepare to transition to meaningful careers that leverage their skills and educations through internships, networking opportunities, job fairs, resume and cover letter coaching, and more.