Mandarin Chinese

  • Chinese Language and Culture Initiative

    The Chinese Language and Culture Initiative at Oneida-Herkimer-Madison BOCES offer Mandarin Chinese instruction via interactive video conferencing to students at schools across New York State. This program has two components:
    • The Sequential program offers standards-based instruction in Mandarin Chinese beginning with grades 6 or 7. 
    • The High School elective in Mandarin to high school students who have completed a sequence in another language.
    Mandarin Chinese Teacher The program has been supported in part by two grants from the US Department of Education, Foreign Language Assistance Program, PR/Award # T293B060044 and T293B090033. It has also been recognized as a member of the Hanban-Asia Society Confucius Classroom Network.
    Sequential Program
    The Chinese program in middle and high school is a sequential, standards-based program leading to advanced level of proficiency in Mandarin Chinese. See the list below for additional details and click here for course descriptions.
    • Level 1 – three years, culminating in Checkpoint A exam for proficiency. This qualifies students for one high school credit in New York State.
    • Level 2 – two years.
    • Level 3 – one year, culminating in Regents equivalent Checkpoint B exam. Successful completion is accepted toward a Regents Diploma with Advanced Distinction.
    • Level 4/AP Chinese – one year. Students who complete this level would be prepared for the AP Chinese exam.
    The sequential program in Mandarin Chinese is longer than most because Chinese is a difficult language, category IV (French and Spanish are level I); Chinese is a tonal language and the written language is more complex.
    High School Elective
    This is an exploratory High School elective for students who have completed a sequence in another language. This course is accepted for dual credit at high school and Mohawk Valley Community College for elementary level college credit. Other community colleges may also offer dual credit. 
    • High School Elective: one year or two years, for students who have already completed a sequence in another foreign language. For local students, the first year of the High School elective is eligible for dual credit (101/102) through Mohawk Valley Community College. Similar arrangements may be possible with other community colleges.
    Confucius Day Hanban-Asia Society Confucius Classroom Network
    In 2010, the Oneida-Herkimer-Madison BOCES Chinese program was accepted into the Hanban-Asia Society Confucius Classroom Network, in recognition of the potential to build and sustain a high-quality Chinese language program.

    Chinese Partner School 
    One aspect of this program is assistance in building a partnership relation with a school in China, ours being the Chongqing Bashu Middle School in Chongqing, China. In 2010, two representatives from this school visited central New York State, toured the schools and classrooms of the Oneida-Herkimer-Madison BOCES program and met with local educational administrators and the Chinese faculty.
    In spring 2010, our students sent more than 100 pictures and greetings to the Asia Society to be included in a book of greetings for Chinese President Hu Jin Tao upon his visit to Washington.
    In Fall, 2012, two of our representatives attended the Hanban-Asia Society Confucius Classroom Leaders Summit in Shanghai, followed by a visit to our partner school in Chongqing. We are actively pursuing options for student, teacher, and administrator visits to Chongqing. Our first student trip to China will take place in April, 2014.

    Other benefits of the network include:

    • Teacher travel and professional development (National Chinese Language Conference, webinars for teachers, Asia Society Confucius Classrooms Teachers Institute),
    • Materials and supplies for cultural activities,
    • Participation in the Chinese Bridge Delegation,
    • Scholarships for summer camp for students learning Chinese,
    • Scholarships for teachers to attend professional development programs in China, and Provision of books, AV and multimedia materials and courseware.
    • Provision of books, AV and multimedia materials and courseware.