Interactive Video Courses / Video Conferencing

  • For more information regarding the Interactive Video Courses and Web-Based Video Conferencing:
    Greg Smith
    Supervisor - Computer Education Coordinator
    Phone: 315.223-4793
    Fax: 315.793.8554
    Xiuyan Huo
    Computer Education Coordinator
    Phone: 315.223.4794
    Video conference hardware

Web Instructional Services

  • For more information regarding the Buzz Learning Management System and/or Online Content Providers:
    Matthew Bashant
    Supervisor - Instructional Support Services
    Phone: 315.793.8505
    Toll-Free Phone: 1.800.765.4773
    Fax: 315.793.8554

    Jennifer Parzych
    Buzz Administrator & Computer Education Coordinator
    Phone. 315.223.4758


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