Substitute Teacher Calling Service

  • Finding qualified substitutes to fill in for absences of school employees can be a challenge.

    Restrictions on non-certified teachers, geographic and financial concerns can all contribute to difficulties finding subs. We also know that when absences go unfilled or a substitute lacks a strong command of the subject matter, there is a disruption to student learning. Through the OHM BOCES Sub Call Service, participating school district teachers and administrators have access to the Frontline Absence Management system (formerly known as AESOP). The Frontline system fills vacancies and absences with qualified substitutes based on an approved list of substitute candidates provided by the school district. 

    District administrators and campus users can easily track daily absences, as well as receive daily and weekly reports. Employees and administrators can access the Frontline Absence and Management system by phone, website or through the downloadable Frontline App for mobile devices. 

    Our team assists districts by:

    • Creating customized reports.
    • Training administrators, campus users and teachers.
    • Helping to maintain employee and substitute records within the system.
    • Aligning the system to school closings and delays.