How to Sign In to the OHM BOCES web site

  • BOCES employees should Sign In to see all the content available to Staff. 
    Make sure that you enter your password correctly because the password field is case-sensitive.
    If you are having problems signing in to our site and you get a message pop up window stating that your account is locked,
    please follow these additional instructions
    Do not use the Account Settings tab to modify your information, (if you are just logging in using the front end of your email address) once you have signed in to the web site!  
    Employees who have site edit privileges and need to update pages should login using their full email address as the username. Site editors can use the Forgot my password if needed here.
    Employees can sign in to this site using the first part of their BOCES email address.
    A BOCES employee will use the first part of his/her email address as the User Name and the exact same Active Directory Email password as the schoolwires Sign In Password.
    For example, if your email address, you would login using jsmith as the User Name.
    Use your normal email password as your schoolwires Sign In Password.
    If you are trying to login as a BOCES employee, and you can't remember your password, contact the IT Staff at 315-793-8501. You will not be able to use the Forgot My Password button on the login page. 
    The Sign In/Sign Out link appears in the upper right corner of the site navigation.
    Schoolwires Sign In screen shot
    Once you are logged into the site, you will see the following at the top of the screen.
    Account Settings
    Do not modify the settings associated with your account.
    The information appearing under the Street text boxes indicates your Division and Department
    Account Settings Street