Program Overview

  • The Interactive Video Course (IVC) program connects students from various schools together for daily class instruction, collaborations, and virtual field trips. The technology used in this program can also be leveraged to connect teachers together for networking and professional development, administrators together with their staff members in various buildings, and communities together with their district leadership. 

    Professional-grade interactive video conferencing equipment connects multiple sites into one session, allowing two-way high definition audio and video communication for entire rooms full of students. Instructor resources, such as computer-based presentations, video, and document camera images can be shared with remote sites. Use of document scanners, interschool courier service, and the use of a web-based Learning Management System (LMS) in remote sites facilitate transmission of further instruction, interaction, and submission of assignments, assessments, and teacher-feedback.
    Professional-grade video conferencing system are also available for connecting remote sites for meetings or for one-to-one instruction. Linkages with regional networks, other states, and even other countries enhance educational opportunities and promote a new sense of sharing and teamwork among both students and teachers in the region.

    Specific information on courses offered directly from OHM BOCES IVC program, namely ASL, Mandarin Chinese, Psychology, and Sociology, can be found in the links to the left.

    Greg Smith
    Computer Education Coordinator

What are Interactive Video Courses?