School Communication Service

  • Establishing an effective communication system between schools, parents, and the community helps districts achieve their goals of creating higher academic standards and stronger partnerships. Beyond the day-to-day informational needs of school districts, the challenge is to develop a strategic communication program that reinforces the district’s mission and the value of public education to society. Parents, in particular, need to understand the school’s academic expectations for their children and know what resources are available to help students be successful in school. The School Communication Service provides school districts with the expertise to plan and develop a comprehensive public relations and communication program that begins with students, parents, and teachers and reaches out to include the wider community. A professional and consistent district approach to public information builds more active support from parents and community partners. The School Communication Service offers strategic communication planning services for building projects, budgets, and other initiatives. The program also provides expert staff in news media relations, graphic/visual arts, publications, and website development.
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    Jean Palmer
    Supervisor of Communications and Printing Services

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