About Printing Services

  • Printing Services The Printing Service offers high-quality digital printing and copying of newsletters, report cards, elementary yearbooks, ad books, letterheads, labels, posters, forms, agendas, and much more. Photos can be scanned and reduced or enlarged to fit desired text. 

    Get accurate results by sending your original files by email, CD or PC floppy disks. We support Adobe Acrobat (PDF) and CS6 software, as well as Microsoft Publisher and Word (one-color documents only).

    Material can be printed in sizes from 1" x 1" to 12" x 18." Originals can be enlarged or reduced to fit a desired size. A variety of inks and papers are available (i.e., colored stock, NCR paper). Xerox copies, single-sided or double-sided copies, and single-color or multiple-color jobs can also be printed. Routine printing jobs (quick copy) can be printed and ready for delivery on the same day, if requested. Printing Services also provides transparencies, laminating, and plastic sign engraving.

    The Educational Communication Center’s Courier Service delivers the finished product.

    Pricing for the Printing Service is based on materials used, number of impressions, bindery required, and any other special handling (i.e., shipping). The cost for laminating service is based on linear footage. Sign engraving costs are based on size and lettering. All printing requests are aidable except for the paper and supplies. The portion not aided is normally calculated at 22% of the total cost. In order to receive aid on this service, school districts must participate in the Educational Communication Center’s Base Service. 

    For layout and design assistance, please see our School Communication Service.

    Jean Palmer
    Supervisor of Communications and Printing Services