• Choosing a career path is easier when you know what options you have. Knowing the various career fields will help you be able to choose the right job based on your talents, education and interests. Find your destination and plan your journey with our digital career roadmap!

    Click on the career fields below to see a description of each field, local employers who are hiring, in-demand jobs and paths to employment!

About the School to Career Programs

Arts & Humanities

  • Arts & Entertainment
  • Communication, Marketing, Journalism & Web Design


  • Finance & Insurance
  • Customer Service
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Human Resources

Science & Technology

  • Advanced Manufacturing & Engineering
  • Animal Science & Agriculture
  • Cybersecurity, Computer Science, AI, ML & Drones
  • Healthcare & Biosciences

Social Sciences

  • Appearance Enhancement
  • Culinary, Food Service & Production
  • Education
  • Hospitality
  • Law, Government & Social Sciences
  • Social & Human Services

Trades & Service

  • Armed Forces
  • Automotive Industry
  • Skilled Building Trades
  • Skilled Trades Unions
  • Transportation
  • Warehouse Logistics & Distribution

Civil Service Information

  • The civil service carries out the work of the government and delivers public services. Civil servants are the permanent staff of departments of the state, but they may also work for other public bodies.

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  • If your business, organization or institution would like to be added to the Roadmap, please contact:

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About the Digital Roadmap

  • Empowering students with knowledge provides them with the information they need to make informed decisions about their future. The purpose of this Roadmap is to educate students, teachers and families about current career fields, what careers exist within that field, and provide easy access to apply to local businesses and organizations*. The connection to career information, as well as local opportunities, can be used to facilitate conversations with schools, students and families. 

    This Roadmap was created with all students in mind. Whether one wants to join the local workforce, become an apprentice in a skilled trade union, or attend a college or university, this is a reference tool that can be utilized. Additional resources are also provided on the landing page to assist individuals in connecting with local programs and support.

    This tool will be updated regularly with current information. OHM BOCES School to Career programs will use this as a teaching tool as they provide career exploration to students in participating school districts. Relationships with the listed businesses are established and further connections can be built by career exploration specialists.

    *All businesses, organizations and institutions listed have agreed to participate in this project.