OHM HIVE: Home-based, Interactive, Virtual Education

  • OHM Hive

    OHM Home-based, Interactive, Virtual Education (HIVE) is an elementary school that offers full-time instruction in all core subjects for students in grades K-6 through a real-time video conferencing/virtual format. This partnership between participating districts and the OHM BOCES is in response to growing interest in virtual learning. OHM HIVE is available for any family with local district approval and the commitment to continue full-time, online instruction. OHM HIVE strives to build a community of cohesive learners through live video conferencing.


    • The online model ensures a high level of interaction and support for students to help them stay on track academically while also building a strong sense of community.
    • This is a full-service academic program that is aligned to NYS Learning Standards.
    • This is a trusted pathway to continue a student’s education in a virtual learning environment with an established daily learning schedule.
    • ELA, Math, Social Studies, Science, Art, Music, PE, Technology/STEM, Career Exploration, and Library
    • Synchronous, asynchronous, whole group, small group, and individual instruction
    • Program includes Social Emotional Learning curriculum
    • Student and parent orientation


    Social-Emotional Learning

    The OHM HIVE emphasizes social-emotional learning as an integral part of the educational environment. Teachers integrate social-emotional skills and discussions in lessons and use the CASEL competencies to create a cohesive learning community that embraces all students.


    100% Delivery of Virtual Instruction

    OHM Hive resides in a 100% virtual environment and utilizes three main programs: Agilix Buzz Learning Management System, Zoom and GoGuardian. The Agilix Buzz Learning Management System is a learning platform that brings together all curricular and HIVE instructional communication. This provides parents, students and teachers with transparent partnership in curriculum, homework, assessments and daily recorded lessons. Zoom (live video conferencing) is used on a daily basis to create a cohesive learning community within individual classrooms. GoGuardian Teacher provides a view into student online activity, control over devices and a variety of ways to deliver instruction -- so teachers can connect with students and keep them focused, wherever they learn.


    New York State Aligned Curriculum

    OHM Hive’s NYS standards-aligned curriculum provides a comprehensive instructional path and is enhanced through regional teacher development and vetting. The English Language Arts and mathematics curriculums originate from EngageNY resources and are customized to meet the needs of our youngest learners. OHM BOCES provides NYS Framework-aligned K-6 social studies curriculum and K-5 NYS Science Learning Standards hands-on program through regional collaboration. Essential specials include art, career readiness, library, music, physical education and tech/STEM will be incorporated in OHM HIVE’s curriculum offering to provide a well-rounded learning experience for our home-based learners.