MiTech (Modules of Integrated Technologies)

  • MiTech (Modules of Integrated Technologies) is a career exploration and skills development program for 9th or 10th-grade students with academic needs who are preparing to enter traditional career and technical education programs. Students will engage in real-life tasks allowing them to apply knowledge and information, accrue work-based learning hours, develop skills in craftsmanship, build self-esteem, and develop good work habits and work ethic. Students will receive English and math credit, and two career and technical education credits. Program modules may include auto body repair, automotive technology, carpentry, culinary, horticulture, small engine repair and welding. Students will also have the opportunity to visit additional CTE courses to help them identify other courses of potential interest.

  • Skills/Topics Covered

    Introduction to:

    • Automotive
    • Construction
    • Culinary
    • Horticulture
    • Electricity
    • Advertising and Design


    Internship Experiences

    • Joining the other programs at BOCES.


    Potential Careers with CTE Training

    • Automotive technician
    • Construction worker
    • Chef
    • Greenhouse worker


    Potential Careers with Additional Training

    • Automotive master technician
    • Master electrician
    • Web designer
    • Instructor
    • Business owner