• The Multi-Occupations program is designed to provide students with disabilities the opportunity to explore career areas, develop appropriate work habits and attitudes and gain basic job skills through hands-on experience.

    For students 16 to 21 years of age, Multi-Occupations offers challenges for students to discover their abilities and interests. Each student is given opportunities to work in various businesses and organizations in the community to become job-ready and prepare for the transition to the world of work. Students participating in the program are provided with a variety of hands-on tasks including shadowing, internships, and site visits. Clusters focus on employability, independent living, and social and safety skills needed to participate within the home and community.

Multi-Occupations Tour

  • Skills/Topics Covered

    • Setting Goals
    • Professionalism/Hygiene/First Impressions
    • Safety at Work
    • Balancing Work and Personal Life
    • Filling Out Forms
    • The Job Hunt
    • Skills for the Workplace


    Internship Experiences

    • The Root Farm
    • Uno Chicago Grill
    • Texas Roadhouse
    • The Hampton Inn
    • Jay-K
    • Wilcor Outdoors
    • The Utica Public Library


    Opportunities for additional education in the field

    • Job fairs
    • Volunteer experience with Feed Our Vets
    • Shadowing other CTE classes in the spring, if interested
    • Tour of College Works program (for possible post-graduation programming)
  • Potential Careers with CTE Training

    • Food Service
    • Hospitality
    • Retail