Emerging Technologies & Cyber Security

  • This two-year course teaches computer repair and basic networking fundamentals during the first year. This includes hardware and software installation, PC hardware devices and end-user support, problem-solving, troubleshooting, telecommunications protocols and network support. Second-year students will learn advanced networking technologies and gain exposure to the field of information system security including issues faced by homes and businesses, the types of damage they may cause and prudent security measures to counteract them. Students will learn basic terminology involved in cyber security, describe various threats and identify potential security technologies to combat these threats. With today’s emerging technologies, all types of businesses and industries face information system security issues, making knowledge of computer security a high demand area. With further training and experience, students completing this program have the opportunity to take certification exams in A+, N+ and Security+, thereby greatly increasing their employment potential.


    Instructor Colin Douglass' section

Emerging Tech 2020