Leadership Coaches

  • Coaching services provide on-going and job-embedded professional learning for educators. It is available in these strands (and others upon request):

    Literacy Coaching: Coaches work with teams of teachers or individual teachers, providing planning, instructional, data and assessment support. Support is customized, but may consist of facilitated meetings, training, observation and feedback, model lessons or co-teaching.

    • NYS Learning Standards Support: Instructional coaches will work with teachers implementing NYS Literacy or Math Modules. Coaches will support access to materials, scaffolding and pacing instruction, facilitating data discussions to inform adjustments to instruction.

    Executive Coaching: Coaches work with building principals and assistant principals, helping them do their very demanding jobs more efficiently and effectively. Typically, the coaching is delivered individually, but it can also be provided to small groups of leaders.

    Teacher Coaching: Coaches work with individual teachers or groups of teachers, providing mentorship, guidance, and model lessons for individual teachers. Also, they can work with groups of teachers as they plan and deliver Common Core-aligned lessons and units.