About MV STEM Hub

  • MV STEM Hub Logo The mission of the Greater Mohawk Valley STEM Hub is to: Advance STEM education through innovative teaching and collaboration to prepare all students for success in the 21st century.


    • Create a workforce with 21st century skills, strong in STEM; connect education and private enterprise to create jobs; prepare for tomorrow by encouraging learning opportunities in STEM; leverage existing partnerships and build new and deeper collaborations.

    • Align workforce and education investments with priority on building STEM programs.

    • Ensure that the region’s K-12 students develop 21st century skills aligned with specific industry clusters.

    • Address regional workforce shortages in clean technology, biomedical, nanotechnology, information technologies, cyber security, healthcare, agriculture, and other key fields.

    • Need for investment in K-12 education and for STEM programs to motivate children to pursue higher education in fields such as math, science and engineering.

Last Modified on March 29, 2017