About Regional Scoring

  • PPD provides a regional scoring service for component districts.  We support the training and scoring of 3-8 ELA & Math Assessments as well as  all Regents Exams. We are proud to tap into the expertise of practicing teachers to train the scorers as well as provide leadership as table facilitators. These educators provide guidance and support during regional scoring sessions. BOCES also recruits certified and qualified retirees to support our teachers.  Everyone attends training and is assessed to verify their participation. Vested interest rules are adhered to which include strict procedures that prevent any teacher from correcting their own assessments. Planning happens year round for this very important work.

    Component districts may choose to be involved in our Regional Scoring Service. Cost per test is based on total number of tests scored. Assessments that are regionally scored include:

    • 3-8 ELA Assessments
    • 3-8 Math Assessments
    • Grade 4 Science Tests               
    • Grade 8 Science Tests
    • January Regents Exams
    • June Regents Exams
    • August Regents Exams