Credit Recovery

  • Online Credit Recovery is an option for students who have failed a course or for those who passed a Regents level course but failed the Regents and need to review before taking the exam again. Students are registered in a self-paced online course facilitated by a NYS-certified teacher for that subject area. This option allows students to identify areas of weakness and concentrate on those, rather than retake the entire course. A typical course is prescriptive; that is to say that each unit of study begins with a pre-test that will evaluate the prior knowledge of the student. Then, depending on the performance of the student on the pre-test, the student will be assigned to work on selected elements of that unit or, if the student is proficient in that unit of study already, move on to the next unit's pre-test. 
    Schools that offer credit recovery must have a committee consisting of an administrator, guidance counselor, and teacher to oversee the program. The program is most successful in schools where the student is assigned to a lab, with a mentor who assures that the student makes regular progress in the course.
    For more information and a list of offerings, please contact:
    Greg Smith
    Computer Education Coordinator