Multi-District Events Request

  • School Improvement COSER Information: Multi-District Events

    The School Improvement COSER is designed to help school districts provide activities designed to strengthen instruction, raise standards, improve curriculum and assessment practices and build capacity to meet State Standards. To qualify for this COSER, activities must meet the following criteria:

    • Events are shared between two or more districts. A guideline for this would be no more than 60% of the attendees from one district.
    • Program and Professional Learning (PPL) staff coordinates the event in conjunction with the district or department requesting the service.
    • All correspondences regarding the event should come from or be approved by/shared with PPD.
    • All money must flow through PPL. (PPL takes in all payments and pays all bills.)
    • Amounts charged to districts will be the actual amount incurred. No profit can result.
    • Primary audience must be certified staff. (Teachers, Teacher Assistants, Administrators.)
    • PPD will charge a 10% fee for coordination of the event

    Ann Turner
    Director, Program and Professional Learning