About Presentations

  • The Stars and More

    The Portable Planetarium presentation topics are not solely limited to astronomy. While the night sky, constellations, moon phases and the earth's rotation are the mainstay of all planetariums, the Portable Planetarium expands the horizons of many interdisciplinary subjects. Relationships can be demonstrated between the concepts of the earth's tilt, rotation, weather patterns, and ocean currents. Legends and folklore of many diverse cultures can be recounted and compared based on star positions and patterns. The cardinal directions of north, south, east and west can be inferred by observing the day and night sky. In addition, presentations on poetry, creative writing, art, biology, foreign language, geography and plate tectonics can also be explored.

    Customized Learning

    There are 19 different high-quality Planetarium presentations from which to choose. Programs are flexible in length and the content of a program can be modified prior to or during a presentation to meet the differing needs of students. HANDS ON/MINDS ON participation is strongly encouraged!