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  • Updated information

    Posted by Kimberly Petronella on 3/17/2020

    Hello everyone, I wanted to give you some information.

    You will be receiving a packet mailed home to you. You are not responsible to complete all that work before you return, so please don't get nervous when you receive this work. 

    I am asking you to please work on chapters 19 and 20. You can submit/ share your work via Google at, You can also email it to me too. 

    Chapter 20 will be due following break. But you will have the power point and the workbook so you can get ahead on this unit. When we return we will do review activities to get us up to date and caught up with the units you have been working on at home. 

    I provided you with 2 sets of clinical objectives to get you started, and to keep your mind engaged in the clinical setting. I will post more if necessary. I will be drafting an April calendar so when we return following break we can be up and running.

    Please know you can always reach out to me via remind or email to help with assignments, or answer questions, or just someone to talk to. Stay engaged with your learning, read articles on health related topics, or defiantly about this pandemic we are all facing as a community.

    Hey, for extra credit if anyone, reads, shares, and completes an article review on this pandemic, I will provide you with a 100 in the grade book, and a homework pass. It would be very interesting when we get back to school to share this information as a class discussion. This is a fabulous opportunity to use this as a learning experience. 

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  • March Updated activities and assignments

    Posted by Kimberly Petronella on 3/15/2020

    Hello everyone, 

    I know we won't be seeing one another for awhile. But I do not want us to get behind and have an huge hole to dig ourselves out of. So I have posted the next workbook assignment, as well as the questions attached. 

    The questions are on 2 uploads, as they were double sided and I could not load them that way onto the computer. Please follow the question numbers and sections closely. All pages are numbered place them in order. PAY attention to the questions assigned and the order they are in. You will need to put your responses on Google docs and share that with me at 

    I have posted assignment 19, also I posted, in assignments a copy of the power point chapter 19. I have also posted your clinical objectives. All of your assignments are time sensitive, please check your due dates. I have also posted choices and how to access it online. 

    Please let me know if you have any questions or problems. 


    Mrs. P

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  • week of January 13-17

    Posted by Kimberly Petronella on 1/12/2020

    Hello all, below is your week in review

    Monday: W/B 16 due, Novel homework due, Quiz Novel, Unit 16 begins, SkillsUSA meeting for students participating in the Morrisvule conference.

    Tuesday: Clinical, stay back assignment 2 handed out, clinical objectives handed out

    Wednesday, Clinical, stay back work continues

    Thursday: Clinical, Stay back work continues

    Friday, Clinical, stay back work due, clinical objectives due, Permission slips due for students participating in SkillsUSA competition. 

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  • Week of January 6-10

    Posted by Kimberly Petronella on 1/2/2020

    Hello everyone, I hope you had a great Holiday season and break, below is your week in review. I hope you are ready to start 2020 off with a lot of enthusiasm and excitement and ready to have a great year!

    Monday: Hospital Orientation packet, Novel work due 19-26 due, quiz Novel work 19-26, Novel work 32-37 handed out, Complete unit 15. 

    Tuesday: Clinical, Stay back work unit 1 begins for those applicable, Clinical Objectives unit 1 handed out. 

    Wednesday: Clinical, Stay back work continues

    Thursday: Clinical, Stay back work continues

    Friday: Clinical, Mrs. P's group Lab, Stay back work due Clinical objectives due

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  • Week of October 28-November 1

    Posted by Kimberly Petronella on 10/27/2019

    Hello everyone, Hope you had a nice weekend, Below is your week in review

    Monday: Contiuation of Unit 10 notes, Mrs. Williams in begin Career research presentations

    Tuesday: Lab Group 1 in lab, Group 2 in classroom, W/B 10 due

    Wednesday: Lab group 2 in lab, Group 1 in classroom

    Thursday: Unit 11 begins, Lab Skills continue, Choices due

    Friday: Lab Skills, Classroom activities

    Don't forget flu shots

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  • Week of October 20-25

    Posted by Kimberly Petronella on 10/20/2019

    Hello everyone, below is your week in review

    Monday: Continue work on unit 9, Mrs. Williams in continuation of Career Research , W/B 9 due

    Tuesday: Complete unit 9, begin unit 10

    Wednesday: Test Unit 9, continue unit 10

    Thursday: Lab Skills Unit 10 Group 2, Group 1 in classroom activity

    Friday: Superintendent's conferences day, no school

    Monday: 10/28: Lab group 1 in lab, group 2 in classroom. Both groups back to classroom at 1:00 for English lesson. 

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  • Week of October 7-11

    Posted by Kimberly Petronella on 10/6/2019

    Hello all, below is your week in review

    Monday: Chapter 6 continues, Mrs. Williams in, Career Resarch packets due, Career research lesson contiues, W/B 6 due

    Tuesday: Unit 6 continues, lab skills 

    Wednesday: Unit 6 continues, lab skills, HW: Preventing Falls in the Elderly due 

    Thursday: Begin Unit 8 Human Needs and Development , HW: Understanding Restraint Alternatives due

    Friday: Continue Unit 8, W/B 8 due

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  • Week of September 30-October 4

    Posted by Kimberly Petronella on 9/29/2019

    Hello everyone, I hope you've had a wonderful weekend. Can you believe that we are almost done with September. Below is your week in review:

    Monday: Continuation of chapter 5 notes, Mrs. Williams in to continue working on career research project.

    Tuesday: Continuation of unit 5, Class activities, W/B 5 due

    Wednesday: Viewing of lab skills video and discussion, handwashing and gloving lab.

    Thursday: Lab PPE and Isolation technique, class reading together today, HW Preventing Accidents and Injuries

    Friday: Test Infection control, Begin uit 6

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  • Week of September 23-27

    Posted by Kimberly Petronella on 9/23/2019

    Hello everyone, sorry for the delay in posting, here is your week in review.

    Monday: Test units 1-4, class discussion following exam. Mrs. Williams in Career Research project begins.

    Tuesday: Infection control film with questions

    Wednesday: Military time lesson, first med term list reviewed and discussed. Typing of film questions. 

    Thursday: Choices due, Begin Infection Prevention unit 5

    Friday: Continue infection prevention unit 5, Typed movie questions due. 

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  • Week of 9/16-9/20

    Posted by Kimberly Petronella on 9/15/2019

    Hello evryone,  appreciate all your efforts and assistance during my absence for my surgery. 

    Below is your week in review

    Monday: Complete unit 2, begin unit 3, W/B 3 due

    Tuesday: Contiue unit 3, HW: HIPAA safegards due

    Wednesday: Complete unit 3, class activity

    Thursday: Begin unit 4, WB 4 due

    Friday: Continue uit 4, Peer interview due typed. 

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