School & Business Alliance (SABA)

  • Our Mission
    The mission of the School and Business Alliance (SABA) is to provide career development and work-based learning experiences that inspire and enable students to make informed decisions about post-secondary and career opportunities.

    Our Vision
    The School and Business Alliance promotes partnerships with business enterprises, labor, community agencies,  component school districts and regional colleges that forecast emerging workforce needs; enlighten students to 21st-century power skills and citizen responsibilities; provide career development experiences that connect students with industry professionals; and empower students to successfully transition into post-secondary studies and career pathways.

    Career Development:  Grades K–12
    Career Specialists team with classroom teachers to broaden students’ awareness of personal and professional skills that are transferable to the workplace.

    Career Speakers:  Grades K–12
    Our business partners visit classrooms on a regular basis and participate in Career Days to share information about career opportunities and job skills required.

    Career Days:  Grades K–12
    Career Specialists coordinate with local businesses to provide students with the opportunity to network with community professionals.

    College Tours and Activity Days:  Grades 8–12
    Students become acquainted with college campuses and meet with admissions and financial aid representatives.

    Career Tours:  Grades 9–12
    Students visit worksites, learn about careers and job skills, and understand how their studies relate to 21st-century skills.

    Summer Work Opportunities:  Grades 9–12
    The School and Business Alliance and Oneida County Workforce Development partner to provide paid, work-readiness opportunities for students. 

    Career Shadowing:  Grades 11–12
    Students spend a day in a worksite shadowing experience. Shadowing helps students gain real-life experiences and learn first-hand about the careers they are considering.

    Career Internships:  Grades 11–12
    Students who participate in a career shadow will be given the opportunity to extend that experience into a 20-hour internship. 


  • Career Exploration 
    By participating in SABA Career Exploration, students gain insight into the following Mohawk Valley Career Sectors:

    Advanced Manufacturing
    Automotive Industry
    Aviation & Aerospace
    Business & Entrepreneurship
    Cyber Security
    Distribution & Logistics
    Environmental Sciences
    Finance, Insurance & Real Estate
    Fine Arts
    Health Care
    Human Services
    Information Technology
    Law Enforcement
    Skilled Building Trades
    Veterinary Science

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