Regional Program for Excellence FAQs

    Why should I consider participating in Regional Program for Excellance (RPE)? 
    Colleges love to see this type of serious career exploration. Your unpaid internship indicates that you are mature, responsible, and serious about your plans for the future. You will save time and money if you can start to narrow your career options and focus your academic plans before you enter college.
    In addition, as you enter new environments and interact with your mentors, you will build your communication skills and your self-confidence. These areas directly impact your success in college and the work world. What areas can I explore in my internship?

    Are the internship possibilities limited in any way? 
    We are limited by the availability of resources for placement in our geographic area. If we can find a mentor who does what you want to do and he/she is willing to have a student, the internship is possible. 

    How are interns selected and who is a good candidate? 
    While the process of selecting students occurs in February and March in all school districts, the actual process varies from one district to another. Mature, responsible sophomores and juniors with strong academic records make good candidates for this program.

    Where will I be placed and how will I get there? 
    We will work with each participant to develop an appropriate placement as close to the home school as possible. Transportation is the responsibility of students and their families. However, we will do our best to work with each family's scheduling needs.

    Further questions? 
    Contact either: