Regional Program for Excellence

  • Students spend at least 72-75 hours in a work setting, completing an internship with respected professionals as mentors.

    Students have a choice of completing these hours during the Summer Program or School Year Program. 

    Summer Program
    Fifteen hours a week for five weeks, beginning after the July 4 holiday. 

    School Year Program
    Three hours, one day per week for 24 weeks from October through April. Students have the option to switch to a second placement halfway through the School Year Program.

    To qualify, students must:

    • Be a high school junior or senior.
    • Have at least a B+ average (and maintain this average throughout their internship).
    • Be able to make up any schoolwork missed due to participation in their internship.
    • Be able to schedule other commitments around their internship.
    • Be able to maintain excellent and timely communication with their internship mentor and RPE staff.
    • Be able to provide their own transportation to and from their internship.

    Students participating in the Regional Program for Excellence are required to:

    • Write an evaluation of each placement and a program assessment of their internship experience.
    • Attend a mandatory orientation in the evening.
    • Complete and submit objectives and goals of their internship, as well as weekly activity logs.
    • Attend a mandatory ceremony and present a table display or a short oral presentation that summarizes their program experience.


For more information, contact:

  • Phone: 315.793.8529
    Fax: 315.793.8531 

    Rebecca Hartnett
    RPE Program Coordinator
    Phone: 315.793.8687