When are Scoring Keys released?

  • Scoring Keys are released on the date that our checkpoint exams are administered after the exams are completed. For morning exams, the Scoring Keys are released at 12:00pm. For afternoon exams, the Scoring Keys are released at 4:00pm. 

Who Has Access to Scoring Keys?

  • Scoring Keys are considered secure exam materials. As such, they are only available to the school administrator who ordered the checkpoint examinations on behalf of their school as well as those teachers/graders that are identified by the administrator at the time the order is submitted. 

Where Can I Locate Scoring Keys?

  • For exam security purposes, Scoring Keys are posted by OHM BOCES on an online course entitled World Languages Exam Information. This course is located in the Buzz Learning Management System.

    Provided your school has ordered examinations from OHM BOCES and your name is listed as an administrator/teacher/grader in the order, you will receive an email from worldlanguages@oneida-boces.org with the subject Access to Buzz for Checkpoint Exam Resources. In this email there are several important announcements and reminders about our examination, including step-by-step instructions that document how to access Buzz, create a password, and log into the system.

    After logging into Buzz, please follow these three short steps to locate the Scoring Keys in the World Languages Exam Information course. 

    1. click the course tile associated with our most current examinations
    2. read the important announcements and reminders associated with the exam
    3. click the shortcut link to Scoring Keys listed in the announcements and reminders

What Do I Do If I Can't Log Into Buzz?

  • If you are a teacher and your school has ordered exams and your name was listed on the order, but you did not receive the email "Access to Buzz for Checkpoint Exam Resources", please have your school administration contact us to request that your access be granted.

    If you are the school administrator who ordered exams but did not receive the email referenced above, please contact us for support.

    We can be contacted by submitting a ticket to our eLearning Web Help Desk.