Forces in Physics

  • In Forces in Physics, students will be learning about forces and how they affect objects.  Students will be engaged with many hands-on activities to allow them to gain a better understanding of forces.  At the conclusion of the kit, students will be challenged to use their knowledge and understanding of forces to build a magnetic vehicle that can not only travel along a track, but to carry weight as well.  

Global Climate

  • In Global Climate, students will delve more deeply into weather and climate.  Students will learn more about weather variables, how these are measured, and what causes wind, how weather data is collected and recorded.  Students will also learn about extreme weather, relating seasonal variability in various climate zones to the likelihood of experiencing particular types of extreme conditions.

Life Cycles in Nature

  • In Life Cycles in Nature, students will be able to explore life cycles in nature and how they are similar across many different organisms. The focus of the students’ observations will be on the Painted Lady Butterfly. Students will be able to observe the stages of the butterfly life cycle simultaneously. The kit will culminate with the students performing a formal inquiry pertaining to the butterflies and their behavior.

Adaptations and Survival

  • In Adaptations and Survival, students will gain an understanding of the environmental conditions that animals must cope with and adapt to in order to survive and thrive. Several hands-on activities will demonstrate the principles of survival, extinction, adaptation, and group dynamics in a population.