Human Resources

  • Human resources is a department in a workplace that focuses on a company’s most important asset—its employees—to ensure they’re satisfied, engaged and have all the resources they need to perform as expected.

    HR is the department responsible for maintaining a company’s personnel, employee relations and workplace culture. This team manages recruiting, hiring, firing, training, skills development, policy implementation, benefits, payroll, government regulation, legal compliance and safety and often moderates and helps resolve conflicts and concerns between employees.

    HR professionals help give a company structure and order and foster productivity and organizational success. HR partners with management to address personnel concerns as well as provide support and resources where needed so that managers can focus on running their department operations.


  • Benefits Administrator

  • HR Consultant

  • HR Manager

  • Leadership Coach

  • Payroll Specialist

  • Training Coordinator

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  • *All businesses on the Road Map have Human Resource departments that can be found on their websites and are looking for employees.*

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