Personalized/Blended Track: Buzz LMS & Curriculum

  • The Personalized/Blended Track consists of utilizing the Buzz LMS and OHM Learning Network or Vendor curriculum. It allows teachers to create their own Buzz courses and customize them to fit the needs of their students through the use of curriculum subscriptions, acquiring a copy of a course, or building their own course. The Transformational Track allows Districts to tailor their roadmap to the specific needs of educators and students. 

    The Personalized/Blended Track empowers Districts to:


    • Have teachers author and create their own activities
    • Allow teachers to collaborate as a team and built a district wide curriculum or utlize a curriculum that is already buillt for the Buzz system
    • Places students into the LMS and actively participant in the curriculum
    • Provides data to district leaders and educators to see how students are performing
    • Builds a community of learners
    • Allows for parent portal access
    • Among many other benefits! 
    LMS and Curriculum  

Curriculum Overview

  • At OHM Learning Network we believe that curriculum is the essential core of instruction. Through vendor partnership and collaborating with educators locally, the OHM Learning Network provides a diverse catalog of curriculum to schools through out New York State that can be utilized in multiple ways to help support districts in their progressive track towards blended learning. Courses are accessible through a subscription or through acquiring a copy of a course. 

    Curriculum Vendors


    OHM Learning Network

    OHM Learning Network Next Generation Aligned curriculum joins EngageNY curriculum for ELA and Math with locally created and vetted curriculum enhancements to provided targeted instruction to students Grades K-12. Our K-6 Social Studies curriculum aligns to the new Social Studies Framework. Grades 9-12 can enjoy our regents test banks which are aligned to standards and provide feedback to students. Learn more about the OHM Learning Network offerings by clicking here. 

    Lincoln Learning Solutions Provides online curriculum that is suitable for any classroom setting. Offering more than 170 online core and elective PreK-12 courses. New York State core courses include Next Gen Standards. Learn more about Lincoln Learning Solutions course offerings by clicking here. 
    Bright Thinker Experience the power of Bright Thinkers K-12 courses. Bright Thinker offers bother Core Content and Electives.  New York State core courses include Next Gen Standards.  Learn more about Bright Thinker's course offerings by clicking here. 
    Accelerate Education Providing personalized rich digital curriculum and tools which provide students individualized learning paths in the unique experience of Accelerate Education. Accelerate Education allows different pathways for districts and teachers when it comes to their courses. They offer Credit Recovery Grades 9-12, Personalized Learning Grades 6-12, Independent Study Grades 9-12 and Online Courses for Grades K-12. New York State standards cross-walks available.  Learn more about Accelerate Education's course offerings by clicking here. 
    eDynamic Learning Providing the largest collection of Career and Technology Education, Elective Courses and Middle School Courses. Learn more about eDynamic Learning's course offerings by clicking here. 

Vendor Access Options

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