Google Classroom & Buzz Side by Side

  • Many people utilize Google Classroom as a popular document manager. As districts look for a more sustainable solution, a greater understanding of these parallels and differences between these Google Classroom and Buzz may be helpful. Google Classroom’s  primary function is document management. This means it provides a way for educators to push common assignments and web links out to students. Agilix Buzz is a Learning Management System that integrates with Google and therefore can accomplish all of the functions of a document manager while creating opportunities for district instructional growth including: centralized domain alignment and management, communication, standards based instruction, project based learning, badging and credentialing, and integrations with content providers.  

    The videos below showcase common uses of Google Classroom, while simultaneously modeling how these tasks are also completed in the Buzz platform. To see the video in it's entirity please click here.

  • How Can I Create a Course And Enroll Students


    Classroom allows for each student to get their own copy. Is it only Classroom that allows this feature? 


    How Easy Is It To Edit An Assignment? 


    How Can Parents Interact With The Platform To Check On Student Work? 

  • How Can I Manage Multiple Courses


    Can I Assign Tasks To Individual Students?  


    Can I Integreate My Favorite Webtools? 


    What Do These Platforms Look Like To My Students? 

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