Digital Microscope

Thank you Bonide Products (Oriskany NY) for your microscope donation!

Digital Microscope Instructions and Software

  • Mr. Douglass' Emerging Technology class made up instructions to use USB microscopes on Chromebooks and Macs.  Find these instructions here

    If your computer has a webcam, plug the microscope in and go to your webcam software.  It may take several minutes for the microscope may show up as an alternative camera to the webcam.  Just like switching cameras on your phone, you will be able to switch from webcam to microscope.  

    If you don't have a webcam or your software isn't working with the microscope, you can follow the instructions below to download free webcam software to use.  





    Important Reminders: The CD that comes with the microscopes is flawed and doesn't allow you to take pictures or videos.  Instructions follow for downloading software for the hard drive of a PC follow. 

    The software was found for us by Lorry Hulbert from Bonide Products.  Here is the link.  

     Download the entire folder titled "Download to Hardrive"  

     The download likely will need to be "unzipped".  Your default program for unzipping should come up and give you the chance to save the folder.  Save it somewhere on your hard drive (C: drive) such as programs.  You can make a shortcut to the desktop.  

     Plug in the microscope.

     Open the folder.  Inside the folder is a sub-folder called MyCam.  In this folder there is MyCam.exe

    Click on this program.  The program uses your webcam, if you have one, as a default camera.  Click on device and switch over to Lenovo EasyCam.  It might take a few minutes for the microscope to register as a camera so try plugging in the microscope a few times and waiting.  

    You can take pictures or videos.  By default, these pictures will be saved in Pictures --> Web Cam 

    By default, videos show up in Videos --> Web Cam



    Please email me at with any questions and I will try my best to find an answer for you!