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  • Being a school administrator can often be a daunting task in today's technological world. The OHM BOCES Buzz team would like to offer resources for those District and School Administrators who are interested in learning more about Blended Learning, Competency-Based Learning, Personalized Learning, or the Buzz learning management system. Buzz is a great tool for helping administrators stay up to date on what is going on in their districts or buildings. Below is a walk through of the Administrator side of Buzz. 



    OHM Learning Network Curriculum Updates


    • The separation of Curriculum into two courses. The teachers have spoken and the OHM Learning Network has listened. Over the past two years the OHM Learning Network has worked tirelessly to create new assets that could either be used by students in the classroom or for teachers to use in small group instruction. Due to the growth of new assets and to help organize the lay out of the courses we have split our Common Core Resource Courses into two:



    Common Core Teacher ResourcesTeacher Resources

    Presentations, presentation notes, tutorials, and other teacher facing materials will be found in the teacher resources.



    Common Core Student ResourcesStudent Resources

    Additional practices, online assessments, standards aligned support and activities that students are able to do directly within the Buzz system or teachers often pull down from the Digital Library into their own created course will be found in the Student Resources course.


    • New Folder Structures 3-6- A new folder structure was implemented this past year to help teachers find items within courses. The new structure has been carried over to the Common Core Student Resources curriculum courses and includes easily identifiable icons that teachers can scan and quickly find assets that they will need for that day.


    File Structure




    • Standards Aligned Support –Standards aligned support lessons are being implemented in ELA and Math Grades 3-6.


    Standards Aligned

    The standards aligned lessons come with “Watch and Learn” video tutorials for students to use in the classroom or at home, along with “Show What You Know” assessments to evaluate students’ knowledge on the standard.


    • Math Standards Based Assessments- Along with the Standards Aligned Support, the OHM Learning Network is working to create standards aligned assessment question folders in the Student Resource Curriculum. These folders will be titled with the standard, are questions that are pulled from NYS State Exams that teachers can utilize with students to create their own standards aligned support within their own classrooms.


    • Course Landing Pages- As always we encourage teachers to utilize course landing pages within the curriculum they are subscribing to. These pages are filled with tidbits of course updates and what’s coming within the curriculum.


    • Elementary Social Studies is now Student Facing! What would a re-design be if we didn’t include Elementary Social Studies! This summer the OHM Learning Network team will be working hard transitioning all of our Social Studies Workbook pages into student facing activities in Buzz. What does this mean? Instead of printing off all of those pages upon pages of workbooks students can not complete the activities online in the Buzz platform!


    We hope you and your teachers are just as excited as we are about all of our new updates! Thank you for your continued support!


    Check out our Buzz Professional Development and Webinars page for upcoming professional development offerings.



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