What is Buzz?

  • Buzz allows for the empowerment of student learning within the classroom. The platform allows for students to take ownership and challenge students in their learning. The Buzz platform allows for multiple user levels (i.e. parent, administrator, teacher, and student) to help keep students motivated within their learning environment. Further, it is a platform that allows for learning on the go, in today's mobile world.

    Is Buzz 2-D Complaint? 

    Agilix, the parent company of Buzz has updated its contract in agreement to reflect NYS Education Law 2-D in anticipation of discussed regulation changes. Oneida-Herkimer-Madison BOCES will continue to work directly with Agilix and Buzz Content Partners to address this imminent legislative shift.   

    To learn more about Buzz and what it can do for you and your classroom, please see the video below.  


What is Buzz Video