Buzz LMS Updates

  • Spring 2019 Updates to Buzz

    The New Buzz UI provides:

    1. A more intuitive user experience built with Google's Material Design. Which means the platform is now more mobile and tablet friendly. 

    2. Even more opportunities to customize the tool based on your users' needs and tech literacy.

    3. Opportunities to introduce new powerful features. 

    Changes That Have Taken Place in the Student App

    Students can now see their averages in all of their courses on one screen. When students log into Buzz, they can now go to a universal gradebook to see a list of the courses that they are enrolled in and their grades within those courses. To locate the gradebook students need to click on the three white lines in the upper left corner of their screen and then select "Gradebook."

    Universal Gradebook

    Once in this gradebook students will be able to see a listing of all of their courses, their grades in the courses, self-assessments, teachers names, and how far they are in the course. 

    See Grades

    This page is customizable and printable for students as well by going to the upper right corner and locating the icons. Print and Customize Options


    Students can select from the following options on how they wish this page to be customized:

    Customize options



    Notes are now available for both teachers and students


    As an experimental feature Buzz has introduced a Notes function within the Buzz platform. Notes can be found in the main menu Notes


    By selecting Notes from the main menu teachers and students can see notes they have taken in different courses, on assignments and can search by specific words or terms. 

    Search Notes    Search Notes   Search Notes


    There is also the option of taking notes within a course, teachers and students will find the notes icon in the top left of their screen Notes Icon


    Once the icon is clicked, teachers and students can click on the plus sign  icon and type their note Type a Note



    If your district would like training regarding the new Buzz platform please contact Jennifer Parzych at