Important Updates in EbD-BUZZ Aug. 2018

  • On July 12, 2018, EbD BUZZ™ introduced the new Agilix Buzz User Interface. Your username and login have not changed, and you will log in as before. Please remember that the new EbD-BUZZ will NOT work with Internet Explorer. For the best experience with the new User Interface, use Google Chrome.

    The student login procedure to EbD-BUZZ has changed. After your students are enrolled in your course(s), you will need to give them the URL from YOUR EbD-BUZZ splash page (the one that appears in your browser after you click on your course copy in Teacher view), so they can log in.

    Your teacher view splash page URL will look similar to this:

    Note that your splash page URL will be specific to your state, school district, and school name. DO NOT include the “/teacher...” piece in the URL that you share with students. Your splash page URL ends with “”  

    When your students enter your splash page URL into their web browser, they will arrive at the blue EbD-BUZZ login page for your school. They must complete these steps, in this order, to log in successfully:

    STEP 1. Click on the three vertical dots beside the word “LOGIN” at the top right of the screen and select “Use Application Login” from the dropdown menu. DO NOT click “LOGIN” first.

    STEP 2. Enter Username and Password and THEN click the “LOGIN” button.

    Students can then click on the icon for your course copy to begin the pretest.

    We are in the process of updating all EbD Teacher training materials on the EbD-BUZZ Resources page. Be sure to bookmark this page and check it often:

    NOTE: The EbD-BUZZ Resources page includes the “Excel Template for Importing Student Rosters” to EbD-BUZZ. Please use this template to create your student rosters and email your roster files to for upload. Allow 5 business days for student roster processing.