Interim District Superintendent & Chief Operating Officer

Interim District Superintendent

  • Jacklin G. Starks
    Ms. Jacklin G. Starks
    Interim District Superintendent

    Box 70, Middle Settlement Road
    New Hartford, NY 13413
    FAX 315.793.8541

Chief Operating Officer

  • Jack J. Boak Jr.
    Mr. Jack J. Boak Jr.
    Chief Operating Officer

    Box 70, Middle Settlement Road
    New Hartford, NY 13413
    FAX 315.793.8541
  • Selection of Superintendents
    The district superintendent assists component boards of education in recruiting, screening and evaluating candidates for the position of Superintendent of Schools.
    The district superintendent facilitates communication between districts and the State Education Department. This activity includes the interpretation and clarification of statewide initiatives, Commissioner's Regulations and Regents' rules.
    The district superintendent stands ready to consult with local boards of education on a variety of educational issues:
    • Board-administration relationships
    • School boundaries
    • Facilitation of non-BOCES and BOCES shared services
    • School improvement activities
    • School management and planning
    • Joint bidding and purchasing
    • School reorganization
    • Joint recruiting efforts
    • Special consultant appointments
    • Specialized staff development on an as-needed basis
    • State aid Transportation sharing/aid
    Elaine M. Falvo - New Hartford, President
    Steve Boucher - Remsen, Vice President
    Doreen Corbin - Brookfield
    Michael J. Moore - Clinton
    Gary P. Nelson - Holland Patent
    Dr. Gary W. Porcelli - New York Mills
    Michelle Anderson - Oriskany
    John A. Griffin - Sauquoit Valley
    Evon Ervin - Utica
    Russell Stewart - Waterville
    Charlene A. Hartman - Westmoreland
    John J. Salerno - Whitesboro

    Ms. Jacklin G. Starks, Interim District Superintendent 
    Mr. Jack J. Boak Jr., Chief Operating Officer