Buzz Forms

Use this form to request customization of a Buzz site hosted by OHM BOCES. Required images for a Buzz customization are described in the form itself.
Visit the Buzz Customization Details page for specifics on the other image options available to you for your site's customization options.
   Use this pdf form to register teachers for the OHM BOCES Web Instructional Services program.
   This provides the teacher and teacher’s students access to the Buzz platform and instructional content for supplemental use with regular classes.
Please return the Buzz Training form to Kevin Healy,
Oneida-Herkimer-Madison BOCES,
502 Court Street,
Utica, NY 13502,
fax: 315-793-8554.
Web Forms - Web Instructional Services
Please address questions or concerns to;
Kevin Healy