Released Exams

  • As school districts across New York State have an interest in using our World Languages Checkpoint Exams, OHM BOCES has released a sample examination for each target language at both the Checkpoint A and Checkpoint B levels. These exams can be found below. None of the examinations found below may be used in place of the uniquely-created examinations that are administered each January and June. 

    Additionally, for schools who order our examinations, we are also releasing access to all of our Checkpoint examinations from 2016 onward in Computer Based Testing (CBT) format. These released examinations can only be accessed via the Buzz Learning Management system. Subscriptions to this bank of examinations will remain active for one year from the start date of Part 1: Conversation/Roleplay in that year's examination. Teachers are free to adopt, adapt, remake, add to, and/or customize these released exams in any way they see fit and to use them for any purpose in their classroom except as an examination for checkpoint credit and/or as a 4+1 Pathways examination.

Sample Checkpoint A Examinations

Sample Checkpoint B Examinations