The History of our Exam

  • Prior to the announcement that the New York State Regents Examinations in Languages other than English (LOTE) were to be phased out, Oneida-Herkimer-Madison BOCES took the initiative to begin development of our own LOTE examinations in Mandarin Chinese, for which no New York State Regents Examination existed at that time.

    Using our experience in developing LOTE examinations in Mandarin Chinese as a model, we have created other World Languages examinations in American Sign Language, French, Italian, and Spanish. Refer to the chart below for specifics on which exams are offered at specific times of the year.

    In 2017, the Office of State Assessment at NYSED announced that they were accepting applications to have Checkpoint B examinations approved to qualify for the 4+1 Pathways to Graduation initiative. Oneida-Herkimer-Madison BOCES was excited to submit our exams to the Office of State Assessment and did so immediately. In late March of 2018, the New York State Education Department announced the approval of our exams for 4+1 Pathways to Graduation to the schools across New York State.

What exams are available?

When are our examinations administered?

  • To ensure the security of our examinations, Oneida-Herkimer-Madison BOCES requires that all schools who adopt our examination administer it concurrently throughout New York State. As such, each year we will publish specific dates and times in which our examinations must be administered. In January, we will select the same date and time as the Algebra I Regents Examination. In June, we will select the date and time that NYSED recommends for World Languages Checkpoint Examinations as the specific date and time that we require our examinations be administered. 

    In the 2018-2019 school year, the following dates and times will be used for our Checkpoint Examinations:

    • January Checkpoint B Examinations - 1/23 in the afternoon
    • June Checkpoint A Examinations - 6/24 in the morning
    • June Checkpoint B Examinations - 6/24 in the afternoon

What is the structure of our exam?

  • Effective with the June 2019 Checkpoint A examination, the point values for each category of the examination will be more equitably distributed. Included in this redistribution of points is the removal of the ten (10) point Informal Speaking part of our examination.

    Additionally, there will be:

    • two (2) Conversation/Roleplay tasks instead of four (4). Each Conversation/Roleplay will consist of five (5) utterances worth up to two (2) points each.
    • elimination of the quality point 
    • a combination of communicative function categories (Socializing + Providing/Obtaining Information and Expressing Feelings/Opinions + Persuasion)
    • a required Read-to-Write task in Part 4 (email response)

    New administration and scoring manuals have been developed and posted on the Important Documents page of our website.

    *The Conversation/Roleplay tasks must be administered and scored at least five days prior to the administration of Parts 2-4. Schools may begin administering these tasks on November 15 for January examinations and April 1 for our June examinations.

How much do our examinations cost?

  • The cost of our examinations is as follows:

    1. $5.75 per student examination
    2. $80 processing fee per order
    3. The cost of shipping determined by volume and distance*
    4. If requested, $4.00 per class set of Role Play cards**

    *The OHM BOCES courier service will deliver examinations, at no additional expense, to our component districts and districts that subscribe to that co-service

    **For schools that order our examinations, digital versions of the Conversation/Roleplay tasks are also available for free via the Buzz Learning Management System. Each teacher of record identified in submitted orders will receive an email detailing how they can gain secure access to these tasks.