Curriculum Development

  • OHM BOCES is committed to providing the best content for teachers to use. Locally developed courses make use of teacher-developed content and may incorporate additional OHM BOCES services, such as digital media, e-textbooks, virtual reference library and library databases. Curriculum development consists of the following:

    Teams of exemplary teachers per subject area form the development teams.

    • Create condensed outline, identifying major course units.
    • Create expanded outline, identifying section details and timeline.
    • Create daily plans with suggestions for content, activities and assessments.
    • Create section details with anticipatory set, standards, materials, resources, references, objectives and assessments.
    • Create online course structure, using course outline.
    • Populate course with presentations, activities, worksheets, quiz items, and links to supplemental resources.
    OHM developed curricula is available by subscription. All curricula developed by OHM BOCES follows the Project Lead The Way model for curriculum development. All have the following common elements and all instructional and assessment elements are linked to New York State or Common Core standards where appropriate. Curricula obtained through subscriptions may be modified by the teacher.

    Course Structure, including:

    • Condensed outline with major units and subsections
    • Expanded outline with detail on each subsection
    • Daily lesson plans with recommended timeline and linked to course elements
    • Section details that provide an overview, including background narrative, vocabulary, formulas and references, objectives, standards, activities, resources and evaluation.
    • Resource selection and development including, as appropriate
      • Content presentations using resources
      • Worksheets
      • Assignments
      • Labs 
      • Test item banks
      • Unit or section levels tests
      • Videos


    Year 1: Teachers meet for eight days during the summer to develop the curriculum framework and select or create content. School-year pilot testing is combined with regular meetings to discuss refinements.
    Year 2: Summer curriculum development continues, to enhance and refine the curriculum (8 days). School year use and meetings continue. Curriculum will be ready for use by additional teachers after summer of year 2. Updates and improvements to the curricula are done continuously and made available to all teachers.

    Purchased Curriculum

    Where locally developed curriculum is not available, purchased curriculum will be provided to teachers who are trained on the Buzz Platform. This content can be customized to use locally available resources and meet district standards.