The EPIC Learning Experience

  • EPIC Learning Experience

     EPIC stands for Engaging, Personalized, Innovative and Collaborative Learning. The EPIC Learning Experience is a conference where  collaboration, networking, and innovation come to life! Building upon last year’s conference feedback, the EPIC Learning Experience has evolved into an interactive day that encourages attendees to learn about the different blended/personalized best practices.

     Attendees of the EPIC Learning Experience will walk away with an understanding of:

    • Best practices for implementation of in-person blended learning and use of technology in the classroom.
    • Creating a culture of collaboration between teachers and students, teachers and teachers, administrators and teachers, etc.
    • Using mastery-based progression and real-time data to differentiate the learning environments for students.
    • Creating a cultural understanding for the broader community.
    • Experiencing the different classroom models for blended/personalized learning.
    • Strategies for using blended/personalized learning for experiential and life-long learners.
    • A roadmap for professional development in a personalized/blended environment.

    To attend the EPIC Learning Experience please go to My Learning Plan by clicking here. If you do not have a My Learning Plan account please contact Jennifer Parzych at

OHM Learning Network Brings in The Learning Accelerator This Year For EPIC

  • The OHM Learning Network has partnered with The Learning Accelerator for this year's EPIC Learning Experience. The Learning Accelerator will be hosting sessions during EPIC that will center around: 

    • Creating the framework for a blended/personalized school culture. 
    • Strategies for moving towards personalized/blended learning model.
    The Learning Accelerator is a non-profit organization that believes each child in America must have an effective, equitable, and engaging education that is personalized, informed by data, and mastery-based. Blended learning is a key mechanism for making this vision possible for every child, in every school, throughout the country. Our mission is to transform K-12 education by catalyzing high-quality blended learning in school districts across America.
    The Learning Accelerator

Attending EPIC? Looking For a Place To Stay?


    For attendee's who are interested in attending EPIC please sign up using My Learning Plan. If you do not have access to My Learning Plan, please contact Jennifer Parzych ( with the names of those who wish to attend, along with their School Districts.  

    For anyone staying out of town rooms have been reserved at:

    Hampton Inn & Suites, New Hartford, NY

    Booking Link:

    Arrival Date: 05-Mar-2019

    Departure Date: 07-Mar-2019



    Towneplace Suites New Hartford


    Rate Code: EPIC

    Telephone: 315-732-2500

What People Are Saying about EPIC and Buzz

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