- Additional Instructions

  • The OHM BOCES web site was migrated to Amazon Web Servers on March 20, 2017.
    This may have created a problem for you to sign in to our site. 
    If you are still experiencing problems logging in to the site and a message pops up stating that your account is logged, follow these steps and in this order:
    1.Verify that you are using the latest update for your browser
    You can usually find your browser version in the browser's About link. 
    If you are using Google Chrome, update to the latest version. 
    You can type this URL in the browser address bar to see your version of Chrome
    2. Perform a Browser Cache refresh
    There are some situtations when bypassing your browser's cache is prefered. Just clicking the refresh button (or hitting F5) won't be sufficient in this case, because this reloads the webpage while still using the old files from the cache. You need to refresh your cache first! contains step by step guides to clear your browser's cache forcing it to download all latest data from a website!
    See this web site for instructions on how to do a cache refresh for any browser:
    3. Reboot your device/pc.