Industry Challenges

  • An “authentic” industry challenge provides students the opportunity to work on real world challenges in a collaborative, team-based environment, applying instructional content to technical work place problems. For example, challenges could focus on product packaging, material organization, internal communication methods, process efficiency, marketing/advertising, safety, ergonomics, sustainability, testing processes/methods, office/production floor layout, or product innovations. We would like the challenges to be "real-world" enough that they will engage students and be appropriate for 9th or 10th grade students who may have limited prior knowledge. You don't have to develop the challenge yourself, but your knowledge and input in developing the challenge will be appreciated. A challenge is very flexible, and can last between 6 and 12 weeks.


    Five Components to Authentic Work Place PBL:

    1. Concept provided to P-TECH OHM by business partner: Teachers develop a challenge around this problem and work virtually with business partner to refine the problem.
    2. Classroom visit: Business partner(s) introduce the company, give background information and present challenge to students at P-TECH OHM. 
    3. P-TECH OHM students work on solutions and develop presentations.
    4. Work place visit: P-TECH OHM students will take a field trip to their business partner, tour the facility and present to business partners.
    5. Business partner feedback and student reflection.


    Business Partner Commitment:

    Background Collaboration & Checkpoint Conference

                -Consists of virtual communication and/or face-to-face meeting(s)

    Challenge Delivery

                -Travel to P-TECH OHM to give presentations

                -Estimated time of 25-45 minutes for presentation and questions

    Field Trip Presentation

                -Give students a tour of the facility (estimated 1 hour)

                -Active learning experience: hands-on component, engagement activity

                -Estimated 15-30 minute student presentation

                -Estimated 15-30 minute questions, comments and feedback