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  • Multi Occupations


    Career and Technical Center



    Dear Parents and Students,                                                   Fall 2019 

    Welcome to the Multi Occupations program. Multi Occupations is a career exploration and skills development program for special needs students. All students participate in class and shop activities that encourage and challenge them to discover their abilities and interests. Hands-on, authentic tasks, in several occupational clusters, provide “real work” opportunities, which may be enriched with shadowing and internship experiences.  These experiences provide students with career and technical education and work-based learning hours required for the New York State Career Development Occupational Studies (CDOS) Commencement Credential. In addition, classroom instruction stresses the importance of basic academic skills in the world of work. Other clusters focus on employability, soft skills, safety, independent living, horticulture, and health and wellness. Together, these provide students with the “tools” to participate individually or in a group within the home and community.

    A student may attend the program from one to several years, depending on his or her progress and goals. Some students are able to enroll in other Career and Technical programs after one or two years in Multi Occupations which allows them to choose a career major and acquire additional technical knowledge and skills. Others may be better served by remaining in the Multi Occupations program to seek alternative paths toward employment and further improve life skills.


    *Clerical Services                                       *Soft Skills

    *Safety Skills                                              *Health & Nutrition

    *Social Skills                                              *Independent Living Skills  

    *Job & Workplace Skills                            *Academic Skills (Time and Money)


    Please feel free to contact us at any time.

    BOCES: (315) 793-8666

    Erin Brewer -Teacher