Buzz Professional Development Offerings

  • The team at OHM BOCES is always happy to work with local districts and teachers as they develop their proficiency of the Buzz learning management system. There are multiple ways for users to keep up to date with Buzz:. 

    In District Professional Development

    OHM BOCES offers various in-district training packages for the Buzz learning management system. For information on In-District Professional Development, please contact: Jennifer Parzych, Computer Education Coordinator and Buzz Administrator, Phone: 315.793.8505, Toll Free: 1.800.765.4773, or email:

    My Learning Plan

    Throughout the summer and school year, OHM BOCES will host various workshops. Anyone interested in Buzz is welcome to sign up for any of the workshops. Our Summer 2022 offerings will be posted soon. Please watch for our ISS catalog through email and listings here as well. Our Summer Professional Development offers online courses and mini-sessions as described below. 

    Online Buzz Courses

    Online courses allow educators to work at their own pace. Instructions are provided through the Buzz LMS platform. Attendees will have the option of attending various help sessions that instructors will offer throughout the course. Through the online course, educators will learn how to build activities, lessons, and units on their own Buzz course.

    Mini Sessions with Zooms

    Mini Sessions are designed to scaffold learning how to use various aspects of the Buzz platform and bring blended/personalized learning pedagogy into your classroom. Attendees attend a one-hour Zoom/Google Meet for direct instruction. Afterwards, they will work their way through the short online course. Mini-Sessions require attendees to create an end product that will be turned in at the end of the mini-session. Each mini-session has a one-hour help session to provide one-to-one help and answer specific questions. Mini Sessions are a great way to learn Buzz a piece at a time and improve the overall understanding of how the tool can be used to enhance instruction within your classroom or with remote students. Mini Sessions will run for either one week or two weeks. 

     For more information on Buzz Professional Development courses both online and workshops, please contact: Jennifer Parzych, Computer Education Coordinator and Buzz Administrator, Phone: 315.223.4758 or email: