Welcome To Buzz

Updates Coming to Buzz Summer of 2018

  • On July 12, 2018 Buzz will be switching over to the new interface.

    The New Buzz UI provides:

    1. A more intuitive user experience built with Google's Material Design. Which means the platform is now more mobile and tablet friendly. 

    2. Even more opportunities to customize the tool based on your users' needs and tech literacy.

    3. Opportunities to introduce new powerful features. 

    Changes That Will be Taking Place

    The Google integration that teachers and students have been asking for! 

    Teachers will now be able to provide students with their own copy of a Google Doc. This feature is similar to the “each student gets their own copy” feature that other systems have, making it easier for teachers to interact with students in the platform.


    Buzz Google Integration

    CBT Alignment: Assessment features are now here! 

    OHM Learning Network is happy to share that the computer-based testing features can now be found within the Buzz system. Highlighter, notes, answer eliminator, bookmarking and reviewing questions can now be turned on within the online assessments in Buzz. 

    Highlighter, Answer Eliminator, and Bookmark Buzz Features Notes in Buzz


    If You Are Using Brainhoney

     Brainhoney will no longer be available after August 20, 2018. If you need your school's Buzz URL, please contact the ohmsupportdesk@oneida-boces.org. Usernames and passwords are the same in Buzz as they are in Brainhoney. 

    If your district would like training regarding the new Buzz platform please contact Jennifer Parzych at jparzych@oneida-boces.org

What is Buzz?

  • Buzz allows for the empowerment of student learning within the classroom. The platform allows for students to take ownership and challenge students in their learning. The Buzz platform allows for multiple user levels (i.e. parent, administrator, teacher, and student) to help keep students motivated within their learning environment. Further, it is a platform that allows for learning on the go, in today's mobile world.

    To learn more about Buzz and what it can do for you and your classroom, please read the following Buzz Pamphlet