Internships/Work study

  • Internships
    Each Career and Technical Education program offered at OHM BOCES has a work-based learning activity referred to as an internship. Students, prior to the end of the second year, are given the opportunity to be exposed to the operation of a business and specific job duties related to careers in their subject area. This internship experience is designed to connect the skills and knowledge learned in the CTE classroom with the "real-time" requirements of business, including exemplary attendance, work ethic, attitude and respect for others and their property.
    • For inquiries regarding internship opportunities for New Visions: Health Professions students, please contact instructor Kimberly Petronella at or 315.793.8640
    New Visions Internships
    Students in the New Visions program spend four days a week in workplace internships in the business management, communications, education, engineering, health occupations, legal professions, nanotechnology, performing arts, or veterinary science fields. One day each week is spent in the classroom working on related curriculum projects, hearing guest speakers, or taking field trips.
    • For inquiries regarding offering internship opportunities for New Visions students, please contact New Visions instructor, Cassie Conway at or 315.793.8649.
    • For inquiries regarding internship opportunities for New Visions: Health Professions students, please contact instructor Kimberly Petronella at or 315.793.8640.
    Work-study programs are designed to assist students to gain work experience in the real world in an area related to their program of study at the Career and Technical Education Center. Although there are specific guidelines for the programs, students who qualify may participate in on-the-job training for 2-6 weeks off campus with a local employer. Students spend part of the week at the Career and Technical Education Center and part of the week at the job site. The BOCES work study/placement coordinator, who makes periodic visits to the job location to observe student performance and to maintain personal contact with the employer, monitors students involved in work study programs.