P-TECH OHM Counseling Department

  • The Counseling Department will serve the P-TECH OHM student by providing a developmental guidance program that will support student achievement across high school, college courses and in work placements. The P-TECH Counseling Department will work with students, high school and college staff, families, businesses and members of the community to enhance student educational opportunities and success. School success will be promoted through a focus on academic development, prevention and intervention activities, advocacy, and social/emotional and career development. The department consists of a full-time school counselor and part-time school social worker, as well as the Mohawk Valley Community College Counseling Center for students who are full-time at the college.

Counseling Services

  • These services include, but are not limited to:

    Individual Student Planning:

    • Includes academic, social/emotional and career planning individually or in small groups
    • Annual updating and review of student progress
    • Participation in CSE process as appropriate
    • Placement at job shadowing/internships with partnering business and industry
    • Coordination of mentoring program
    • Personal goal setting and monitoring

    Response Services:

    • Individual and small group counseling
    • Peer facilitation
    • Referrals to outside organizations
    • Crisis counseling/response
    • Social worker referrals

    Guidance Instruction:

    • Career development
    • Group activities
    • Classroom instruction
    • Orientation
    • Summer Bridge programming

    Consultation & Collaboration:

    • Consultation with teachers, staff and parents/guardians
    • Partnering with parents/guardians, community and staff
    • Community outreach and community service opportunities
    • Communication with all stakeholders