STEM Concepts 1 and 2 - Tiffany Piatkowski

  • One course that I am teaching is STEM Concepts.  This course is a hands-on program that incorporates Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM).  Students are exposed to a variety of career skills and content throughout the year.  Project-based and problem-based learning allows for the integration of scientific and mathematic principles through technology and engineering projects wherein students apply mathematic and scientific principles on a daily basis.  Students will be exposed to a diverse array of course content. 

    STEM Concepts 1 is a 9th grade level course and STEM Concepts 2 is a 10th grade level course. 

    Students are asked to bring the following supplies with them daily:

    • 1 inch binder (may be shared with DDP/Programming)
    • Blue/black pen
    • Pencil with eraser
    • Highlighter
    • Closed-toe shoes, long pants, shirt with sleeves*

    *Students will be required to wear closed-toe shoes and long pants as a safety precaution in the lab; steel toe shoes are optional, but may be required in future years of the program. Tank tops/sleeveless shirts are prohibited in the lab.  Students may keep a change of clothes in their lab lockers. Laboratory coats, safety glasses, gloves and ear plugs will be provided for student use.