Classroom Practices - Elizabeth Morat

  • Classroom Practices
    1.Mindful Thoughts: I am in the present moment. I am listening with intention. I am receiving the information being presented and discussed. I am thinking about the information.
    2. Mindful Speech: I will speak about the topic being discussed. I will speak truthfully. I will speak only when it is necessary. I will speak kind words.
    3. Mindful Body: I am aware of my physical body. My posture is upright. My eyes looking at the eyes of the speaker. My mouth is closed when someone else is speaking. I raise my hand if I want to speak.
    4. Mindful Feelings: I am aware of what and how I am feeling. I can feel every emotion in my physical body. I am aware of the feelings of others. I can learn to respond rather than react.
    5. Mindful Daily Practice: Mindfulness (present moment awareness, attention skills, heartfulness, reflection and emotional regulation) exercises will be practiced at the beginning and end of each day. This will include reflecting on how well you upheld your classroom promises
Last Modified on July 11, 2019